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Case study: Highlighting solutions implemented using Quentas products and technologies.
Single-bill for bundled products: Quentas convergent telecom billing is able to calculate charges for a variety of products and services on the same bill.
With flexible price plans: you can give the customer more or less free minutes and/or discounts or special prices above or below a certain call usage.
Electronic Bill Presentment: The customer can view their invoice online or we can send PDF's (invoice and call details) in a mail attachment.

MVNO Billing

MVNO billing solution

For growing communications providers looking for a proven, comprehensive way to handle critical billing needs, Quentas Q-bill is your ideal solution. Quentas provides a total billing solution. We host the software and hardware at our facilities saving you the worries and expenses of managing and supporting a back-office billing infrastructure. You simply control the data from your desktop using our software.

MVNO Billing

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

For the MVNO's to be superior into the fast moving next-generation telecom market, cross sell their products and broaden streams of revenue, they need a flexible powerful rating, billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Billing functions

The billing function for MVNO's is very different from a traditional network operator. MVNO's are able to offer a wider range of products based on mobile, fixed and broadband networks supplemented with high-margin content services, bundle and package these products in revolutionary ways and operate in multiple countries to support their brand. Integrating CRM elements into the billing function enables the MVNO to ensure the customer satisfaction expected by their community, up-sell new and improved services and widen its brand.

Billing system

Quentas billing system for the MVNO is capable of rating and billing for voice calls and data sessions for each subscriber, and produce a monthly invoice. It have the complete ability to cross discount and add incentive functionality to ensure that your brand expands.

Value added services

Quentas billing system provide its customers with value added services, and access on a real-time rating engine. The engine can actively check all subscribers balances and authorize or prevent further transactions based on the cost of each transaction as a function of the credit left in the credit bank of the prepaid user. More product differentiation can be built by helping postpaid customers actively control their budget. The interactive billing system can 'tell' customers when they are approaching their spend limits, inform them of discounts earned, and enable them to spend more - all through their preferred channel - SMS, email, or web.