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Case study: Highlighting solutions implemented using Quentas products and technologies.

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Case study Trendcall


Goedkoper internationaal bellen doe je zo.

Hilf Telecom

The Company


TrendCall offers mobile voice and data solutions to people making frequent international calls. TrendCall provides three subscriptions, adjusted to various call patterns. You will receive a simcard with a Dutch phone number. It's also possible to use your own phone number. In the Netherlands you will call using the Telfort network. You can call abroad inexpensively from the Netherlands. Are you calling abroad, or are you being called abroad, then the tariffs are chiefly lower then with other Dutch providers.




The billing system for the TrendCall must be capable of rating and billing for voice calls and data sessions for each subscriber, and produce a monthly invoice. They must have the complete ability to cross discount and add incentive functionality. The advanced rating engine must support value based rating initiated by any network, customer or time event, charging by attributes such as duration, QoS, volume and others; content based rating originating from content information such as a MMS, ring tones, games, etc.; and accumulation based rating centered upon meeting the required elements for discounting activities. The engine must be attribute independent - in other words, it can refer to and make decisions based on any attribute, be it an accumulated value, customer balance, customer information, event attribute, etc. And when new services are defined, the system immediately operate that service's attributes.




Quentas � providing a sophisticated billing management system.




Complete development was initiated and completed thereafter.