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Case study: Highlighting solutions implemented using Quentas products and technologies.

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Case study Telitec


Spains No 1 Communications Company.

Hilf Telecom

The Company


Telitec (Alicante Spain) chooses Quentas for telecom billing. The driving forces behind the Telitec concept originate from a predominantly technical background at the cutting edge of telephone technology. The aims of our company are to give to the customer the opportunity to benefit from services normally reserved for major institutions and then integrate these services into our highly competitive call charges and pricing structure. We will take a hands on role in advising individuals or corporate clients alike in the best way forward for their telecommunications needs. The telecoms sector is about to change beyond all recognition as ideas thought of as impossible a few years ago now become reality. We at Telitec aim to keep our customers at the cutting edge of this exciting development. This ambition to deliver on technology plus our commitment on keeping your bills as low as possible means that you can with confidence entrust your telecoms business to us.




Quentas embarked on a major project to replace its billing and customer care system. To support the project, Fonicatel required a billing management system, to meet the complex demands of the new billing system.




Quentas � providing a sophisticated billing management system.




Improved efficiency with the automation of a number of manual processes Improved productivity through greater flexibility.