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Case study: Highlighting solutions implemented using Quentas products and technologies.

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Case study Qfast


Zakelijk Internet is een snelle internetverbinding via het backbone van QFAST.



Hilf Telecom

The Company


Het is de oplossing voor de veeleisende zakelijke gebruiker die zoekt naar gegarandeerde bandbreedte. Zakelijk Internet maakt dankzij de vaste IP adressen en hoge bandbreedtes toepassingen als eigen servers, beheer op afstand, VPN en tele- en thuiswerken mogelijk.

Q-Fast chooses Quentas for telecom billing. Q-Fast is a provider of international telecommunications services and was incorporated in June 2004. Providing ict, internet and telecom services from their own switch.




Requirement Summary: The client works with agents who can log-on to the data base to view and maintain their own customers. Q-Fast needs a web based solution to access the data from different locations and need to save on sending paper bills.


Key Challenges:


1. Web based billing. 2. All the services on one bill. 3. Provide online customer service functionality. 4. Ease of use. 5. Scalability. 6. Centralized database to securely manipulate it remotely and allow instant provisioning. 7. Real time update prepay accounts.




Quentas � providing a sophisticated billing management system.